Artist Biographies

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MADART, Megan Aroon Duncanson

Megan Duncanson, with MADART Studios, is a modern and contemporary artist. MADART has millions of fans, is sold across the world, is licensed with over 40 different companies and is shown at some of the largest art shows in the world, from Art Basel Miami to SurtexShow in NYC. 

Duncanson’s“Living the Dream” painting was the featured artwork for the Spectrum Miami show, VIP tent, at Art Basel Miami and was the cover of Art Blend Magazine for the event. Duncanson started her own, vegan, designer purse and bag line in January of 2018, along with her daughter, co-Founder Aroon Duncanson. Duncanson donates a portion of proceeds to nonprofits. Duncanson’s goal is to create art that adds more than just color to a room, but invites emotion and feeling, which is why the MADART slogan is “Art that colors the soul.” Many collectors of MADART have said they experienced positive emotions and feelings when looking at her art.

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Robin Moore

Robin Moore is an award-winning photographer and communications director with Global Wildlife Conservation. His photos have graced the pages of National Geographic, TIME and the New York Times and he is among a select few chosen to be exhibited in National Geographic Fine Art Galleries.  

Robin's photos have received accolades from Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Nature's Best and American Photo among others. With a PhD in Biodiversity Conservation, Robin's photos and stories are built upon a strong underpinning of science and natural history, enabling him to capture wildlife in a way reserved for those who truly understand it. His images and stories have driven numerous GWC conservation campaigns, including the phenomenally successful campaign to save Goat Islands in Jamaica. 


Cristina Mittermeier 

Cristina GoettschMittermeier was born in Mexico City in 1966 and grew up in nearby Cuernavaca, in the sunny state of Morelos. She is a photographer and marine biologist who for the past 25 years has been working as a writer, conservationist and photographer. She graduated from the ITESM University in Mexico with a degree in Biochemical Engineering in Marine Sciences and later attended the Fine Art Photography program at the Corcoran College for the Arts in Washington, D.C.  In 2005 she founded the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) to provide a platform for photographers working on environmental issues. In 2015 she co-founded Sea Legacy, a non profit dedicated to protecting the ocean, with her partner, Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen.

SeaLegacyis an organization dedicated to promoting the protection of the world's oceans through storytelling. Cristina's work has been published in hundreds of publications, including National Geographic Magazine, McLean's and TIME.


Russ Ronat

Russ Ronatis a multimedia artist and printmaker, a self-taught artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has been a resident artist at galleries in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, Fl.

He is the Creator and Artist of Project Holocene which is an international drawing and photography collaboration focused on bringing attention to animal extinction. It is the goal of the project to play a part in inspiring the change that is needed to ensure conservation.

Russ says “drawing allows me to express the energy and wonder of each of these animals.  It is my hope that my drawings can remind the viewer of the beauty and fragility of each of these animals.”


Paul Nicklen 

Paul Nicklen is a Canadian photographer, filmmaker, and marine biologist who has documented the beauty and the plight of our planet for over twenty years. As an assignment photographer for National Geographic magazine, Nicklen captures the imagination of a global audience.

Nicklen is uniquely qualified to create his brand of documentary photography which informs and creates an emotional connection with wild subjects in extreme conditions. His work delivers audiences to an underwater realm witnessed by few. Nicklen’s sensitive and evocative imagery has garnered over 30 of the highest awards given to any photographer in his field, including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the prestigious World Press Photo for Photojournalism.

As a co-founder of the non-profit, SeaLegacy, Paul Nicklen is opening a fresh, progressive chapter in the story of ocean conservation. Through visual storytelling, Sea Legacy inspires millions of people to stand up and have a voice for the pristine places threatened by climate change.